Mirage Pro Angler 17t

 With innovative multiple seating options for one or two casters, the 17T is the king of Hobie fishing kayaks. New for 2019, the Mirage Pro Angler 17T comes standard with the Hobie Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield.

Set up the fully adjustable Vantage XT Seating (extra tall) in the in-line tandem configuration (guide style), face- to-face (ideal for fishing with small fry), or as a single (so much space!); three steering handles cover all the possibilities on this pedal kayak. Fishing rod storage both front and rear holds an astounding dozen rods—bring the entire quiver. Customize accessory placement on more than 20 feet of H-Rail system. Both users can stand and kayak fish in comfort and each cockpit is fitted with a large rectangular hatch with pivoting tackle management system; there’s even additional under-seat storage. An aft battery platform stands ready to house a 12v trolling motor battery, a cooler or crate to carry even more gear. Now available with the Guardian Transducer Shield, a retractable shield that protects your transducer on impact and retracts away for transport.

See it in Action

Hobie Mirage Pro Angler 17t promo. The ultimate Hobie Fishing Kayak, This pedal kayak is made for 2 - but with a central seat position for one - if it's spacious alone time you seek